IBM: Outstanding Workforce Training Global 2019


Technological breakthroughs are forcing the modern professional to commit to life-long learning to remain relevant and competitive. IBM works with individual and corporate clients worldwide to help them reinvent themselves and future-proof their careers. Organisations can contact an IBM Global Training Provider to create a continuous learning programme that drives employee performance and improves retention. Studies from IBM Research indicate that initial employee training results in 60 percent of new hires deciding to stay, as opposed to only 21 percent otherwise. Well trained teams showed a 10 percent increase in productivity translating to annual savings of $70,000. Companies deploying learning technology enjoyed a 16 percent increase in customer satisfaction. Investing in continuous development of employee capabilities — from soft skills to tech — creates a corporate culture based on respect, responsibility, and reward. IBM also offers a personalised digital learning platform, featuring more than 7,000 educational offerings, including over 2,000 courses as well as more than 4,000 no-cost opportunities, such as articles, podcasts, and tutorials. Students work through the IBM portal at their own pace and according to their interests and needs. The IBM Digital Learning Subscription provides full content at a budget cost. The judging panel agrees with IBM’s assertion that corporate ladders are a relic of bygone days, replaced by the “job-lattice” age: which encourages job movement over the course of a career. The judges unanimously declare IBM as the 2019 global award winner for Outstanding Workforce Training.

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