Hi-Cone: Most Responsible Packaging Solutions United States 2020


A major supplier of packaging for beverages and general products, Hi-Cone has been an advocate of responsible business practices since its establishment in 1960. It operates under the slogan of minimal packaging, minimal waste, and maximum quality. The CFI.co judging panel congratulates Hi-Cone on the publication in February of its first annual report on The State of Plastic Recycling. This survey confirms that consumers want to recycle plastics but are often without the resources, facilities, and necessary guidance. Hi-Cone understands that education is key to the efficient and sustainable use of plastics. Vice President and GM Shawn Welch is passionate about sustainability and environmental protection and wants his business to have positive impact. Hi-Cone is determined to become 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable by 2025, and will work with consumers, government, and industry to reduce the use of plastic. Hi-Cone launched a new product, containing 50% post-consumer recycled plastic last year. Currently, all of their customers worldwide are in progress to switch to this product. Hi-Cone expects that this will be completed by early 2021. The company reminds us that plastic has contributed massively to our modern lives and its introduction came partly in response to deforestation concerns following the over-use of cardboard and paper. The Hi-Cone recycling report sensibly concludes that plastic is not waste, but a valuable resource that needs to be reused or recycled at the end of its first life. The panel applauds the company on the 30th anniversary this year of its very successful Ring Leader Collection Programme which has resulted in the recycling of well over 2.7 million of ring carriers. Hi-Cone is declared winner of the CFI.co 2020 award for Most Responsible Packaging Solutions (United States).