Hannon Armstrong: Best ESG Sustainable Investment Strategy USA 2020

Hannon Armstrong

Hannon Armstrong has proven that climate-positive investments can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. In 2013, the firm became the first publicly traded US company (NYSE: HASI) to invest exclusively in climate-change solutions, providing over $1 billion every year to energy efficiency, renewable energy and other sustainable infrastructure projects. Decades of sound governance and savvy investments have driven steady growth in AUM to more than $6 billion as of June 2020. Client-centric in nature, Hannon Armstrong cultivates deep long-term relationships with clients, which generate programmatic deal flow. It embraces collaboration to promote the Sustainable Development Goals both through its investments and affiliations with clean energy industry organisations, environmental NGOs, and other non-profits. Hannon Armstrong also partners with groups and initiatives that push for climate action, high ESG standards diversity and inclusion, clean energy, responsible investment, and social justice. Hannon Armstrong’s investments have had measurable ESG impacts, with some 3.2 million metric tons of carbon emissions eliminated and 12.9 billion litres of water avoided annually through its investments. These investments have led to the direct creation of more than 140,000 jobs across the US. The company believes that all investors should measure the efficiency with which capital deployed reduces climate change, which is why they developed and adhere to an impact-scoring system called CarbonCount® that measures the greenhouse gas emissions reduction per every $1,000 invested. The CFI.co judging panel is pleased to present Hannon Armstrong with the 2020 award for Best ESG Sustainable Investment Strategy (USA).

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