Coeur Mining, Inc: Best Miner Governance North America 2020

COEUR Mining

Coeur Mining, Inc (Coeur) operates in accordance with a governance code of high principles, promising to protect people, places and planet. It aims to deliver quality resources, sustainable business growth and concrete community impacts. The Chicago-based company operates five precious metal mines in the US, Canada and Mexico. In 2019, Coeur achieved increases in revenue and operating cash flow, up 14 and 357 percent respectively year-on-year, as well as reductions in injuries and debt, down 11 and 36 percent. Through strong shareholder engagement — with around 100 one-on-one and group meetings with investors last year — Coeur seeks feedback for continuous improvement. Coeur’s commitment is demonstrated by the historical inclusion of environmental and safety components of the annual incentive plan for executive compensation. Increased demand for sustainability inspired the Board to increase the weighting of those components in 2020. Over the past decade, the company has pushed the bar ever higher in terms of best-in-class corporate governance, increasing diversity and oversight at the Board level. Coeur benefits from a progressive management team with a blend of backgrounds and tenures that inspires new ideas and fresh perspectives. Coeur employees feature ardent environmentalists in their number, and they take pride in the company’s expanding ESG accomplishments. Coeur has integrated ESG functions across all departments and implemented ESG data-tracking and enhanced disclosures. The judging panel recognises a company with a solid moral compass, and declares Coeur Mining winner of the 2020 award for Best Miner Governance (North America).

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