JP Morgan: Best CSR Banking United States 2019



JP Morgan is a trusted global financial institution with a 200-year legacy and a presence in over 100 markets worldwide, serving millions of consumer and corporate clients in the US as well as governments, investors, and institutions around the world. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the cornerstone of its operations, with billions invested in — and even more pledged to — initiatives that address the world’s most pressing environmental and social concerns. By the end of 2108, JP Morgan had facilitated more than $100bn in funding for businesses in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors and companies developing sustainable transportation, waste management and water treatment solutions — with a pledge of $200bn more by 2025. JP Morgan, understanding that sound environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies lead to sustainable business growth and greater stakeholder engagement, has established a Sustainable Investment Leadership Team to coordinate strategies that systematically incorporate ESG factors along with client objectives. JP Morgan attributes its success in large part to a diverse workforce of talented professionals united behind the common purpose of contributing to the sustainable growth of economies and communities. JP Morgan fosters a work environment that celebrates diversity and has launched two flagships initiatives — Advancing Black Leaders and Women on the Move — aimed at attracting, retaining, and promoting the top talent from underrepresented demographics. JP Morgan has demonstrated a commitment to uplifting underserved communities; 30 percent of the new branches planned for 2019 are slated for low- to moderate-income neighbourhoods with employee hourly rate increases of 10 percent. In recognition of exemplary corporate citizenship, the judging panel declares JP Morgan as the 2019 winner of the Best CSR Banking (United States) award.

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