Pyramidal Technologies: Best Forensic Technology Global 2018

The power of technology is being deployed to rid society of violent crime. Once more of an art than a science, ballistics has evolved to a point beyond reasonable doubt. The guesswork of yore that allowed plenty of wiggle room for defendants to evade justice has been replaced by the detailed analysis and pinpoint accuracy of advanced ballistics.

Few companies have done more to push ballistics into the digital age of high-resolution imagery, analysis, big data, and powerful computers than UK/Barbados based Pyramidal Technologies. The company’s ALIAS (Advanced balLIstics Analysis System) suite of solutions breaks new ground with capabilities not seen anywhere else. ALIAS employs a scanning technology offering nanometre vertical resolution that is sharp enough to resolve tool marks that are less than the width of a human chromosome. As such ALIAS represents a remarkable feat of technology. The system – a suite of interlocking modules that may be used jointly or separately to dovetail with the client’s requirements – uses an open architecture and can easily be connected to already existing firearms management databases.

Pyramidal Technologies’ ALIAS consists of three domains – forensic ballistics, firearms registration and criminal intelligence. The domains are complementary and may be linked to provide an end-to-end solution. The systems are continually updated and upgraded to include new features, and further improve existing ones, in order to maintain and expand its leading edge. ALIAS is primarily directed at law enforcement, justice and military organisations. The system is operational in Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean and was also part of the EU Odyssey Project.

The judging panel commends Pyramidal Technologies on its achievements in advanced ballistic and its success in building a system that produces solid evidence time and again. In particular, the Judges noted that Pyramidal Technologies had contributed significantly to secure societies with the deployment of ALIAS as part of a National Security initiative for Firearms Registration in the Dominican Republic, where escalating firearms violence was reduced, year upon year, resulting in hundreds of lives saved. The judges are delighted to offer Pyramidal Technologies the 2018 Best Forensic Technology Global Award.