Park West Gallery: Best Independent Fine Art Auction House Global 2016

It’s all about the artists. Park West Gallery has helped more than two million customers around the world add to their collections of fine art. The firm represents some of today’s most celebrated artists such as Peter Max (79), a pop art master whose bright colours immortalised the 1967 Summer of Love, and Yaacov Agam, a leading pioneer of kinetic art.

Park West Gallery was the first to bring fine art auctions to cruise ships, allowing passengers ample time and opportunity to become acquainted with the works offered. It still is the largest business in shipboard auctions, selling more than 300,000 pieces annually.

The gallery also organises fine art auctions at select Ritz-Carlton hotels. Uniquely, the company is not merely focused on selling art, but also seeks to further enhance public awareness and knowledge of the art world. To that end, Park West Gallery invites critics and artists for talks at large events. This way, the company aims to make art more accessible to the public.

The largest privately-owned art dealer in the world by volume of sales, Park West Gallery maintains two facilities: its classical Greco-Roman headquarters in Michigan with no less than 23 exhibition spaces and a sprawling distribution centre in Florida. Park West Gallery employs well over 1,200 people.

The judging panel wishes to recognise Park West Gallery’s superior performance and declares the company winner of the 2016 Best Independent Fine Art Auction House Global Award.