FreeBalance: Most Innovative Public Sector Management Solutions Global 2016

FreeBalance helps governments around the world manage their resources with public financial management solutions that enhance transparency and accountability. The firm offers a unified governance platform that allows public officials to place financial management and resource planning at the core of their smart government decision-making processes.

FreeBalance works closely with its customers through the FreeBalance International Steering Committee (FISC) to ensure that its solutions evolve in tandem with global governance standards and customer expectations. To date, the governments of 25 countries are leveraging public financial management solutions from FreeBalance as the foundation for smart government.

Aware of its far-reaching responsibilities, FreeBalance adheres to the highest ethical standards and partners with local professionals to develop strong and lasting ties with clients. With a mission to make the world a better place through smart technology, the firm believes it is possible to accelerate development by applying robust financial management techniques that combat waste and increase efficiency.

The unified governance platform from FreeBalance improves the performance of smart government by providing a single view of data from government priorities (budget) through execution and results. FreeBalance customers include national, state or provincial, and local governments trying to improve country prosperity, well-being and the stewardship of public funds through digital transformation.

The judging panel applauds the firm’s hand-on global approach to the management of government resources and is pleased to offer FreeBalance the 2016 Most Innovative Public Sector Management Solutions Global Award.

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