Ceredex Value Advisors: Best Mid-Cap Equity Investment Team United States 2016


Successful long-term investment is all about the search for value – hidden or otherwise. Whilst that may seem a simple enough proposition, the identification of value requires more than a cursory look at any given company’s fundamentals. Lasting value – of the sort that others may not have appreciated – is found by delving deep into corporate processes and how these relate to the broader market.

The required excellence in research – the end-product of expertise, knowledge, and experience – is to be found at boutique investment firms. Ceredex Value Advisors is one of only a select few investment companies that maintains a culture of craftsmanship. This is not a marketing gimmick: the US firm has gained a peerless reputation amongst investors for excellence, and did so the old-fashioned way – plenty of legwork, meticulous attention to detail, and leveraging the benefits of its vast reservoirs of industry-specific knowledge.

With more than $10bn in assets under management, Ceredex Value Advisors manages individual accounts and acts as an advisor to mutual funds. The firm goes a few steps beyond gathering and processing all relevant information – dividend policies, historic trading levels, etc.

At Ceredex Value Advisors, data is carefully interpreted not by exotic algorithms, but by highly distinguished professionals who apply their experience and instincts – and a touch of boldness – to reach spot-on decisions. The CFI.co judges are pleased to recognise Ceredex Value Advisors as winner of the 2016 Best Mid-Cap Equity Investment Team United States Award.

RidgeWorth wholly owns three boutiques, including Ceredex Value Advisors LLC, and holds a minority ownership in one. RidgeWorth offers a wide variety of fixed income and equity disciplines, providing investment management services to a growing client base that includes institutional, individual and high net worth investors.

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