Auerbach Grayson: Best Frontier Markets Institutional Brokerage USA 2014


Act globally, think locally. This motto encompasses the philosophy of New York-based international brokerage firm Auerbach Grayson. Serving US institutional investors, the firm has established a strategic presence in nearly 130 markets via exclusive partnerships with each country’s leading brokerage or bank. Auerbach Grayson now stands atop the world’s largest network of brokers and analysts.

Originally focused on investment opportunities in Europe, the firm has expanded into emerging and frontier markets in every corner of globe. Auerbach Grayson places great emphasis on exhaustive, locally-conducted research, compiled in accordance with international standards, for distribution to the firm’s clients in the US. The firm’s strong commitment to providing high-quality data, captured first-hand by the very best of local professionals, was noted by the Judging Panel which commends Auerbach Grayson on its dedication to research excellence and the resulting discovery of exceptional investment opportunities.

The judges are not the only ones taking note of the winning formula employed by Auerbach Grayson: In early 2013, the firm allowed Morgan Stanley to acquire a minority stake in order for that bank to gain access to emerging and frontier markets where it had no presence. The judges are mightily impressed by the way the firm has driven its expansion and are happy to concede the Best Frontier Markets Institutional Brokerage USA 2014 Award to Auerbach Grayson.