HyperPay: Outstanding Contribution to Payment Integration MENA 2024


HyperPay is revolutionising payment integration across the MENA region with innovative solutions to meet the needs of local markets. Established initially as Gate2Play, the company focused on facilitating payment services for gaming merchants entering the region. Recognising a broader market need, HyperPay rebranded and expanded its services, integrating cutting-edge technology to support e-commerce growth and ensure a seamless digital payment experience. In 2014, HyperPay entered the Saudi market, partnering with major financial institutions to offer comprehensive payment solutions. The company’s innovative strategy included white labelling its technology, allowing banks to present HyperPay’s advanced payment gateway under their own brand names. This approach enhanced customer trust, reduced attrition, and solidified the company’s market presence. HyperPay’s expertise in regional market dynamics, combined with a commitment to continuous innovation, has made it a pivotal player in MENA’s digital transformation. From enabling real-time payments for gig economy workers to providing advanced solutions for large enterprises, HyperPay has contributed significantly to the region’s shift towards a cashless society. The company’s services have facilitated substantial growth in the e-commerce sector, improving transaction success rates and enhancing customer experience. Today, HyperPay collaborates with numerous financial institutions across Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, and beyond, ensuring that local merchants have access to the latest technology. By focusing on B2B solutions and leveraging regional knowledge, HyperPay leads in providing tailored financial tech services. The CFI.co Judging Panel congratulates HyperPay on winning the 2024 award for Outstanding Contribution to Payment Integration (MENA).