STS PayOne: Best Digital Payment Transformation Partner GCC 2022

STS PayOne

One of the stand-out providers in the payment gateway service field is STS PayOne, a leading fintech company which is helping to revolutionise the sector. The business has proven specialism in digital payment acceptance, and is enterprise-centric. Based in the Jordanian capital Amman, with offices in Istanbul, Riyadh and Dubai, the company follows a unique business model making its operations more agile and cost-effective in a highly competitive sector.

STS PayOne has built a reseller network and a broad client base across the Middle East and Africa, helping businesses to boost sales, offering a fast and secure online payment experience. It utilised technology which has been developed in-house, to cater for the specific needs of clients and launch products at the right time. The company is providing cutting-edge solutions for merchants who need to accept digital payments across eCommerce websites, mobile applications, POS machines and the pay-by-link mechanism.

The judging panel is pleased to present the company with the 2022 award, Best Digital Payment Transformation Partner GCC.

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