stc Kuwait: Outstanding Achievements in Corporate Governance & Stakeholder Protection Kuwait 2021


This year, stc Kuwait completed a profound and comprehensive exercise to strengthen and improve its corporate governance and stakeholder protection policies and procedures. This important initiative was carried out under the guidance of stc advisers PwC Middle East. According to the judging panel, the results have been exemplary and stc Kuwait deserves to be congratulated on their fruitful efforts. As part of the certification process, considered, inter alia, the company’s board composition and member responsibilities, compliance policy, transparency, regulatory reporting requirements (to the Capital Market Authority), risk management, internal and external controls (including audit), codes of conduct, and the regulations to address conflicts of interest and other potential problems. The panel feels that the framework in place to ensure good governance and protect all stakeholders is robust, meaningful, and worthy. Furthermore, there is confidence that stc Kuwait’s commitment to these virtues and critical corporate characteristics is unwavering and that the quest to secure, defend, and improve upon them will continue as the years unfold. It is obvious to the panel that the corporate culture at stc Kuwait is wholly supportive of the needs, aspirations and hopes of stakeholders as expressed in the company’s various policy statements. thanks stc Kuwait and PwC Middle East for providing all necessary support during this certification process. The panel applauds the accomplishments and honourable intentions of stc Kuwait and has no hesitation in confirming the 2021 award for Outstanding Achievements in Corporate Governance & Stakeholder Protection (Kuwait).