Trojan Holding: Most Innovative Infrastructure Leadership UAE 2020


Trojan Holding was launched in 2012 as a one-stop-shop for construction projects in the UAE and beyond. The eight subsidiaries in the Trojan Holding portfolio are industry-leading companies which work seamlessly together to offer turnkey solutions for even the most challenging projects. The group accomplishes this with a dedicated workforce of more than 22,500 multinationals. Trojan Holding, one of the fastest-growing construction firms in the UAE, lists that skilled team as its greatest competitive advantage. It invests considerable resources in recruiting and retaining the best people, providing them with the encouragement, support and stimulus for continued professional development. The Abu Dhabi-based company’s support for its employees fuels the company’s upward trajectory. Trojan Holding has built an impressive portfolio of property developments, including educational and medical facilities, luxury resorts and business hotels, mass housing complexes, industrial projects and government buildings. Its crowning achievements include Mira Oasis and Mudon, two exclusive residential developments in Dubai, as well as villas of Ain Al Faydah and Al Falah. Trojan Holding has completed a dozen infrastructure projects in the UAE — on time and within budget — and has nearly as many under way. The company is looking forward to expanding its reach abroad and bringing in more business for regional suppliers and vendors. The judging panel announces Trojan Holding as winner of the 2020 award for Most Innovative Infrastructure Leadership (UAE).

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