Trojan Holding: Best Mass Housing Construction Solutions GCC 2020


Trojan Holding is a regional construction powerhouse that delivers quality products and services by embedding cost-control functions and flexibility into the business model. It aims to become one of the world’s leading construction companies, and ranks as one of the fastest-growing in the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Trojan Holding, launched in 2012, is Abu Dhabi-based and has a workforce of 22,500 multinational professionals, interest in eight subsidiaries, and assets valued at over $204.2m. The holding company differentiates itself from the competition as a veritable one-stop operation with little need for outsourcing. Client satisfaction is the foundational pillar and unifying focus of daily operations. The firm focuses on advancing company, community and nation through efficient and agile business practices. Others would do well to emulate the crisis management skills that Trojan Holdings has exhibited during the pandemic. The company counts its staff as its main asset, and is proud to have maintained a full complement of workers and a pipeline of projects in motion. It recruits top talent to tackle developmental challenges and make concrete impacts in communities. Some of its noteworthy accomplishments include the Al Samha project (250 villas spread over 520,000 square metres of land), Water’s Edge (contract value of $353.9m), Emirati Housing Development (3,000 villas in Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain) and The Palm Tower (contract value of $222.9m). The judging panel declares Trojan Holding winner of the Best Mass Housing Construction Solutions (GCC) award for 2020.