Multiply Marketing Consultancy: Best Digital Communicator GCC 2020


Multiply Marketing Consultancy adheres to the “think global, act local” mindset; it cares about its clients, its people, communities and the planet. From its Abu Dhabi headquarters, Multiply has extended its reach into seven international markets — Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, France, the UK, the US and Asia Pacific. It has established active investment partnerships with international companies to source efficient storytelling, research and design technologies. The highlights of its investment portfolio include a mobile advertising platform powered by machine learning, using language-analysis software with target-audience adjustments and analytical technology to track eye movement and emotion. Multiply executes content campaigns for clients that aim to optimise their digital presence and maximise returns on investment. Within a matter of months it helped to boost the social media presence of a certain client, pushing up account impressions by 320 percent, engagement by 137 percent, and followers by 236 percent. A tight-knit team of marketing professionals, creatives and researchers collaborate to ensure client content is relevant and useful. Multiply recruits life-long learners with a playful streak and a desire to build human connections. It creates content that is often contagiously fun — as evidenced by the many Multiply posts that have gone viral — but strikes a more serious tone when the situation calls for it. It has undertaken projects to highlight Covid-19 initiatives and to campaign against food waste. The judging panel is pleased to present Multiply Marketing Consultancy with the 2020 award for Best Digital Communicator (GCC).