Tenderd: Best Construction Technology Solutions UAE 2020


The meteoric rise of Tenderd set the young Emirati company on a clear trajectory for major market impact. The company began just two years ago with a five-person team; it now employs a workforce of 40 and has recently opened offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tenderd takes a hi-tech approach to delivery of the machines that power construction projects across the MENA region. The company has developed a one-stop solution for contractors and equipment owners with its rental marketplace platform and fleet management app, Track. More than 7,000 rental vehicles are available at a moment’s notice via the platform, and the performance of each project can be tracked. The app gives contractors and equipment owners a birds-eye view of fleet assets, including real-time monitoring of productivity, predictive maintenance alerts, and customisable geofence perimeters (virtual geographic boundaries). The app is backed by advanced analytics that support smart decision making and effective cost management, and it’s compatible with all major OEM and fleet dashboards that clients may already be using. Tenderd works with more than 300 companies across the region and has been heralded for its contributions to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Tenderd’s young tech team is at the top its game; new employees undergo an internal three-month training course to enhance individual skills and team cohesion. The CFI.co judging panel is pleased to present Tenderd with the 2020 award for Best Construction Technology Solutions (UAE).

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