Tactical Management DWC LLC: Best Private Equity Partner GCC 2019

Tactical Management

At Tactical Management, every business opportunity is assessed from a position of social responsibility and sustainability to create long-term, added value for clients and communities. The Dubai-based firm provides independent private equity, multi-family office, and corporate structuring services. Tactical Management eschews the hard-line approach typical of many private equity firms to look beyond the balance sheet and prioritise the people backing each project. It focuses on the substance behind each proposal and considers the future of each business idea. It specialises in helping distressed businesses transform their fortunes and views itself as an effective tool in the restructuring process. When Tactical Management takes on a project, it favours exit strategies that are fluid rather than rigidly set timelines. It prefers to stay in as long as necessary to help correct course and ensure that corporate management stands on a secure footing. Tactical Management hopes to “redefine what investors, governments, and citizens expect of foreign direct investment” by cultivating a diverse project portfolio that prizes integrity and long-term results. The company often comes aboard through related Holding Companies or Joint Ventures with equity stakes ranging from 10 to 50 percent and chooses from a variety of projects, from hospitals to fruit processing plants. Tactical Management deploys a 17-person team from its Dubai offices to provide strategic management support to clients around the world. The firm benefits from an established network of banking contacts built up over the years and has created 1,784 jobs via 27 projects in nine countries. The CFI.co judging panel is delighted to present Tactical Management DWC LLC with the 2019 Best Private Equity Partner (GCC) award.

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