Exim Credit: Most Innovative Trade Finance GCC 2020


Operating a business on a global scale often requires trade financing to facilitate the free flow of goods, services, and payments. Exim Credit is a private, Dubai-based investment institution with decades of experience in international trade. It tailors robust risk solutions to enhance the import and export activity of SMEs throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Exim Credit conducts comprehensive risk assessments for importers and exporters to ascertain the financial health of each corporate applicant. It does the legwork, comparing charges and monitoring cash-flow management, to ensure due diligence and fiscally responsible lending. Exim Credit provides approved clients with the trade finance documents needed to drive their business. It offers bank guarantees, letters of credit, tender board guarantees, bank comfort letters, and standby letters of credit. It boasts a strong finance team that procures commodities for clients and negotiates in advance to mitigate challenges with lenders. Exim Credit rolls with the region’s development changes and maintains full compliance across varying and evolving regulatory landscapes. Trade finance is the company’s bread and butter, but it also offers asset-backed capital raising as well as insurance services. Exim Credit facilitated commodity transactions worth more than $35bn through financial partners in 2019 and is working to obtain a proprietary banking licence to directly serve importers and exporters. The CFI.co judging panel announces Exim Credit as winner of the 2020 award for Most Innovative Trade Finance (GCC).