Department of Finance, Government of Ajman UAE: Best Financial Planning Public Sector UAE 2019 & Best Budgeting Systems & Procedures Public Sector UAE 2019

Deptartment of Finance Government of Ajman UAE

Chairman and Director

Best Financial Planning Public Sector UAE 2019

The Department of Finance of the Government of the Ajman Emirate (Ajman DOF) does more than crunch numbers; it’s responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of all Ajman government financial activity. Established by government decree in 2002, the department fuels the sustainable development of the region and contributes to the competitiveness of the United Arab Emirates as a nation. In support of national and regional strategic vision objectives, Ajman DOF improves government’s resource efficiency, upgrading policies and systems to best international standards, and empowering employees through skills-building workshops and training. The training courses, which acquaint employees with governmental accounting standards and familiarise them with Ajman’s unified financial system, have benefited more than 200 employees over the past six months. Ajman DOF has created a digital financial platform — the Smart Financial Planning and Analysis System — to facilitate the Emirate’s development process and prosperity. It authors the annual Budget, supervises the collection and distribution of government funds, and provides consultation and technical support to government agencies and departments. The judging panel believes Ajman DOF is making great strides towards realising its goal of an open, and globally competitive, green economy. The judges are pleased to present Ajman DOF with the 2019 award for the Best Financial Planning Public Sector (UAE).

Best Budgeting Systems & Procedures Public Sector UAE 2019

The Ajman Emirati Department of Finance (Ajman DOF) serves as the financial arm of the government to execute the planning and implementation of financial strategy. Ajman DOF provides innovative financial services that contribute to the sustainable development of the Emirates, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the nation. Ajman DOF develops financial policies and legislation, prepares and implements the annual budget, and liaises with regional government bodies. It has also launched a next-generation financial system to maximise national efficiency — and prosperity. The Smart Financial Planning and Analysis System is Ajman DOF’s pioneering financial platform. The unified system, which is underpinned by AI, has registered remarkable progress in managing Ajman’s governmental resources. It tracks expenses, enables smart planning and analysis, and assesses financial performance. Public financial management is assessed using quantitative indicators to measure performance, provide snapshot summaries at specific points, and show changes over time. Digital dashboards display data in clear and actionable information panels that help government leadership identify potential problems and generate solutions. The system aims to rationalise government spending, tighten fiscal discipline, and hone financial sustainability to achieve more diversified and sustainable economic growth. It also features tools to analyse and assess financial risks, and can predict the financial impact of future projects. For a breakthrough platform that integrates strategic financial planning with AI-backed technology, the judges recognise Ajman DOF as the worthy winner of the 2019 award for Best Budgeting Systems & Procedures Public Sector (UAE).

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