Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX): Best Trading Innovation Excellence GCC 2020

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange ADX

Digital transformation should be treated as an ongoing journey rather than a concrete destination. While there are many claims of far-reaching tech capacity, the current global crisis has separated the wheat from the chaff in terms of business adaptability and technical prowess. Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) shines on both fronts, particularly because of the rapid and responsible measures it has taken to ensure business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic. ADX shuttered its trading halls in mid-March as a pre-emptive step to protect public health, but its hi-tech communication infrastructure has allowed for a seamless transition to remote working. Securities trading continues to flow freely thanks to the bourse’s well-established and highly integrated digital platform, SAHMI. The platform, integrated with the UAE’s government services, provides an array of unified services for investors such as issuing investor numbers, updating investors’ information, enabling investors to inquire about profits or any information related to initial public offerings, transfer of securities, issuing reports related to investors’ portfolios, and deposited shares among other things.

The platform also carries information and report on the 69 companies listed on the Exchange. Investors will find a mix of trading securities on ADX, including, government or corporate-issued debt instruments, shares issued by public joint stock companies as well as shares issued by private stock companies listed on ADX’s Second Market. ADX prepares comprehensive and timely reports to help investors monitor and manage their portfolios. It has introduced an electronic voting service through SAHMI digital platform enabling investors to vote remotely on the general assembly of companies in which they own shares. The e-voting system will contribute to increasing the rate of effective corporate management participation and positively raise performance levels.  Thus providing a crucial solution that promotes participation and efficiency in corporate management and reducing operational costs that can stem from the postponement of meetings when the quorum of participants is not complete.

ADX also has a mobile-based digital wallet that enables the sending and receiving of digital funds with ease, through a linking of ADX issued investor number. This digital wallet empowers users to manage their stock exchange requirements through a real-time digital pay-out model, where investors receive their cash dividends instantly within their wallet as soon as it is distributed.

Noting the navigation of a turbulent market with a steady hand and quick wit, the CFI.co judging panel declares Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange as winner of the 2020 Best Trading Innovation Excellence (GCC) award.

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