Tebyan Real Estate Development: Best Landmark Project Partner UAE 2019


In the real estate world, location (location, location) is key, and Tebyan Real Estate Development – with headquarters in the luxurious Dubai Marina – is perfectly positioned. The firm’s operational bases are in stunning high-rise towers, the latest of which shoots up from the marina skyline to create a shining new standard of style, amenity and quality. The flagship project, Sparkle Towers, is the result of some powerful and stylish collaborations. Tebyan extends an invitation to buyers who would like to reside among the stars in “a space marvelled by Swarovski”, referencing the iconic company responsible for the towers’ crystal-adorned lobby and common areas. The towers feature a façade that glitters in the evening marina waters as more than 1,500 lights illuminate the development’s 373 opulent apartments and penthouses. The rooms are finished with the finest materials, from marble and ceramic flooring and granite countertops to crystal-encrusted door plaques. Tebyan Real Estate Development stands out in the marina, and its emphasis on quality is evident in the lavish detail of its twin towers. Consolidating the expertise and experience of several major real estate investors and developers, the Tebyan team has a proven track record of development in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Dubai. Tebyan will launch projects worth more than AED1.5bn over the coming two years, adding three more deluxe developments to its portfolio. The CFI.co judging panel was swayed by the Tebyan’s sumptuous style and quality, and announces Tebyan Real Estate Development the winner of the 2019 award for Best Landmark Project Partner (UAE).

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