Mouwasat Medical Services: Best Specialised Healthcare Leadership GCC 2019

Healthcare is an industry that has seen remarkable growth and improvement in the Middle East over the past few decades – and the title of Mouwasat Medical Services stands out in the sector. Since its foundation in 1975 by Mohammed Sultan Al-Subaie, Mouwasat has remained true to its mission of always putting the needs of patients first, so those in need of medical treatment know they are in the best hands. Mouwasat is committed to the continuous improvement of its services. It employs only the best medical practitioners from around the globe, and prides itself on being at the vanguard of technology, and in research. The company has been accredited by the US Radiology Authority and the American College of Pathology, and is recognised for its advanced IT systems. Mouwasat has been rewarded with growth throughout its existence, and has recently announced a 100% increase in its capital through a share issue to finance its strategic growth plan, and to expand its medical network. Sound financial management and strong corporate leadership are largely responsible for the company´s long-term ability to adapt to areas of specialised medicine, and to develop centres providing pioneering treatment in fields as diverse as endoscopic surgery and obesity, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and fertility. Mouwasat has been at the forefront of education, and regularly organises medical symposia. The judging panel has been impressed by the company´s ability to manage, operate and maintain hospitals, health centres and pharmacies to such a consistently high level – while increasing capacity in a sustained way. The judging panel feels that Mouwasat deserves recognition for its managerial performance, and unanimously grants it the 2019 award for Best Specialised Healthcare Leadership (GCC).

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