Investment House: Best Investment Banking Solutions Middle East 2019


CEO Saeed Saleh Al Marri, right, receiving an award from

One path to sustainable success lies in customer care, something that Investment House has at the heart of its business strategy. The Qatar-based firm strives to surpass the requirements of its clients. Investment House is one of the fastest-growing investment banks in the Middle East, providing a broad range of financial advisory services to individual and institutional investors throughout the region. Qatar represents a promising segment of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) investment market, and Investment House has been a leader in the sector for nearly two decades. The firm fulfils the strict regulatory and governance mandates required by Qatar Central Bank, as well as those required by Shariah law. Investment House aims to mitigate risk, and its clients have come to trust it to consistently deliver high yields. From brokerage and portfolio management to mergers and acquisitions, Investment House offers reliable services that deliver results. Investment House also offers advisory services, including business valuation, restructuring consultation, financial planning, and due diligence. With its presence firmly established in the GCC, Investment House is spreading its international reach, with planned expansion into the US and Europe. Customer satisfaction is the firm’s main priority, and it envisions a future of shared growth and prosperity. The judging panel applauds the firm’s client-centric focus, and presents Investment House with the 2019 award for Best Investment Banking Solutions (Middle East).