QNB Alahli: Best SME Bank Egypt 2018 & Best Retail Bank Egypt 2018

At home in a market that is driven by small and medium-sized businesses and characterised by an unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit, QNB Alahli has significantly strengthened its operations in Egypt to become one of the country’s leading financial services providers. The Egyptian subsidiary of Qatar National Bank – the largest bank in the Middle East and Africa with well over 1230 branches throughout the region and beyond – QNB Alahli has capitalised on its trust in the power of SMEs to push growth and deliver sustained development.

The bank has effectively tapped into the resourcefulness of Egyptian entrepreneurs to drive and expand its own operations in the country. A partner to the local business community, QNB Alahli has become the vehicle of choice for multilateral financiers to distribute credit amongst small businesses, start-ups, and companies owned by minorities or disadvantaged people. The EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) called upon the knowledge and expertise of QNB Alahli to help shape and implement its ground-breaking Egypt Women in Business programme.

QNB Alahli is recognised for its professionalism delivered via streamlined internal and external procedures that enable the bank to maintain an operational nimbleness that belie its vast size and global reach. QNB Alahli is thus able to offer Egyptian SMEs access to a comprehensive array of world-class products and services that not only covers their banking needs but also provides a platform for growth.

The CFI.co judging panel has tracked the performance of QNB Alahli for a number of years. The judges note that the bank fares well regardless of overall market conditions and, perhaps just as importantly, manages to support its SME customers through the peaks and troughs of the economic cycle. The judging panel is therefore pleased to offer QNB Alahli its continued recognition and declares the bank winner of both the 2018 Best SME Bank Egypt Award and the 2018 Best Retail Bank Egypt Award.