Image Nation Abu Dhabi: Outstanding Contribution to Regional Media UAE 2018

Founded in 2007, Image Nation Abu Dhabi has grown into the leading film and media production company of the Middle East. The company spearheads a new growth industry and, according to market watchers, is driving nothing less than a media revolution in the Arab world. The company has accumulated an impressive portfolio of major feature film productions including Men in Black 3 (212), The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014), and Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016).

Image Nation is a forward-looking progressive media business that prioritises and supports artistic creativity. The company has focussed on nurturing local and regional talent – not only actors but also script writers, media technicians, and production specialists. Image Nation is, in fact, credited with shaping an entire new and competitive industry which now offers exciting opportunities to both investors and professionals.

Image Nation has also been recognised – and engaged – as a key media partner by Saudi Arabia which considers the company the only one in the region that operates to the high standards demanded. As it seeks to expand throughout the region, Image Nation deploys its successful corporate formula to tap into broader markets.

The company caused a veritable media sensation with its 18-part legal drama series “Justice” which follows an Abu Dhabi hotshot lawyer as he solves crime cases based on real-life court proceedings. Image Nation joined local talent with leading Hollywood producers and screenwriters to create Justice, which received near universal praise as a prime example of what cross-cultural productions can achieve.

The judging panel has followed the trajectory of Image Nation Abu Dhabi for a number of years and agrees that the production company has successfully placed the Arab World’s media industry onto a higher plane from where it may well become a global player before long. The judges also note that Image Nation has accomplished this by pursuing close cooperation and partnerships with the industry’s other main players. The judging panel declares Image Nation Abu Dhabi winner of the 2018 Outstanding Contribution to Regional Media UAE Award.

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