Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA): Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Utilities Delivery Global 2017

At the core of any corporate sustainability strategy sits a solid risk mitigation framework. At the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) that framework – compliant with the strict ISO31000 standard – was developed inhouse to facilitate and accelerate the utility’s decision-making processes and allow for a clear and multidimensional overview of risk in real-time. DEWA supplies water and electricity to more than 800,000 residents of the Emirate, based on the highest levels of availability, reliability, and quality. DEWA adopts best international practices, and the latest integrated management systems in the field of enterprise risk management because they are closely related to DEWA’s strategic planning. In addition, DEWA takes precautionary measures to avoid all forms of risk.

DEWA is recognised globally as an industry leader for its innovative, and in many instances ground-breaking approach to the provision world-class levels of both electricity and water services. The company has raised the bar for the entire utilities sector by cutting wastage and spillage, carefully managing the distribution of resources while providing a vastly superior service to clients, characterised by simplified procedures, short response times, and the excellence of its front office.

DEWA was able to revolutionise the utility business by adopting a corporate strategy that engages all stakeholders. By pursuing full transparency and maintaining open and short lines of communication, the company encourages its staff to come up with innovative solutions that increase operational efficiencies. DEWA also reaches out to the communities and economic sectors in order to gauge both market demand and sentiment.

The judging panel recognises – and applauds – the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence across all aspects of the utility business. The judges agree that DEWA has reinvented the utilities business and now stands at its apex. As such, DEWA is declared winner of the 2017 Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Utilities Delivery Global Award.

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