Concord International Investments Group: Best Asset Manager Egypt 2018

Egypt thinks big. New megacities are being planned alongside vast economic zones that are to provide a crucial impulse to the country’s development. The country has partnered with Saudi Arabia and other regional powers to secure financial backing for its comprehensive development blueprint. Private and institutional investors are being courted as well. Opportunities abound for those looking in the right places and willing to tap into local expertise.

Concord International Investment Group, a leading New York-based fund manager specialised in Egyptian securities, has more than eighty professionals at its Cairo office dedicated to tracking exceptional value. The firm was the first to set up both close-ended and open-ended country funds in Egypt. It also established the first – and to date only – UCITS (undertaking for collective investments in transferable securities) fully invested in Egyptian securities.

With such a large presence in Egypt, Concord is widely recognised as the go-to firm for investors eyeing opportunities in the country. Concord funds have repeatedly received a five-star rating by independent investment research company Morningstar. Concord funds also feature regularly in the top ten of best performing funds as compiled by Standard & Poor’s.

Building on its regional expertise, Concord also established Tulip Investments which is now the largest mutual fund focussed on Turkey – another growth market.

The judging panel has followed Concord for a number of years. The firm has consistently outperformed its peers, displaying a keen sense of timing, and claiming three previous award. Concord leverages its considerable management expertise to build up local businesses and execute carefully crafted and perfectly timed exit strategies. The judges congratulate Concord International Investment Group on its win of the 2018 Best Asset Manager Egypt Award.