Abu Dhabi Aviation: Best Offshore Aviation Support Middle East 2018

Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) is spreading its wings, entering new markets, and consolidating the leading edge the company enjoys in the Middle East. With a modern fleet of 57 helicopters and 61 fixed wings aeroplanes, ADA provides airlinks to the on- and offshore oil and gas industry in addition to VIP passenger transport, search and rescue, crop spraying, firefighting, and a host of other aerial services.

Despite operating in a taxing offshore environment which sees some of its rotary aircraft perform seven take-off and landing cycles per hour, the company maintains a perfect safety record. ADA maintains a staff of nearly 300 expert technicians to execute its comprehensive quality and safety policy framework. Abu Dhabi Aviation is recognised for the excellence of its aircraft servicing department. The company is engaged by a number of large fleet operators in the Middle East for the maintenance of their fixed and rotary wing aircraft. ADA holds quality certifications from the world’s leading regulatory agencies such as the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Authority.

Thanks to its large, modern, and versatile fleet, ADA is regularly asked to provide humanitarian support. For the past six years the company has dispatched seven helicopters to Jeddah and Mecca during Ramadan and Hajj at the request of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.

ADA now eyes the global market and has been hired to support mining operations in Ethiopia, Brazil, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, and elsewhere. The company is expanding its maintenance services as well.

The CFI.co judging panel notes that ADA employs well over 1,000 professionals. By keeping all operations in-house, the company is able to tightly control both the quality of its customer-facing services and the safety and readiness of its fleet. The judges are pleased to declare Abu Dhabi Aviation winner of the 2018 Best Offshore Aviation Support Middle East Award.