Waha Capital: Best Emerging Markets Investment Manager MENA 2016

Pursuing optimal exposure to diversified asset classes, Abu Dhabi-based Waha Capital offers investors ample opportunity to benefit from buoyant emerging markets. The company, founded in 1997, manages asset portfolios that include sizeable stakes in the logistics and infrastructure, property, financial services, and healthcare sectors, amongst many others.

Waha Capital has established a solid track record with the deployment of capital in markets and segments that display strong fundamentals and have been earmarked for accelerated development by governments in the Middle East and North Africa. The firm also manages both global and regional credit and equity portfolios. This ensures high levels of liquidity while enhancing the company’s drive towards diversification.

Deploying its capital efficiently, and with a view to strong appreciation, has allowed Waha Capital to offer above-market sustainable returns to both shareholders and investment partners.

Starting out as a leasing company, Waha Capital evolved into an investment company as a logical progression from its expertise in the management of high-value assets. The firm has driven its expansion by organic growth and by establishing several strategic investment partnerships.

The company’s capital markets team has been particularly successful in global credit markets. Encouraged by the exceptional results, Waha Capital is expanding its scope to include portfolio management services to third-party investors. The CFI.co judging panel applauds the company’s dedication to operational excellence and client service, and wishes to recognise Waha Capital as winner of the 2016 Best Emerging Markets Investment Manager MENA Award.