Tanqia: Best Wastewater Utility Management Team Middle East 2017

Designed to maximise efficiency and throughput, Tanqia is the only privately-owned wastewater collection and treatment facility in the Middle East. Processing up to 16,000 cubic metres of wastewater every day, the UAE-plant covers an area of some sixteen hectares just south of Qidfaa. The state-of-the-art facility started operations in 2008 and currently consists of two modules and may be easily expanded to meet increased demand. A doubling of capacity is already being planned.

Tanqia maintains a vast primary and secondary network for the collection of wastewater that stretches over 300 linear kilometres and includes thirty pumping stations. An expansion of the network with another thirty kilometres of mains and eight additional pumping stations is being implemented. A public-private partnership between Elwan, a boutique infrastructure development company, and Mubadala – the private-sector investment vehicle of the Abu Dhabi government, Tanqia is globally recognised for its efficiency, setting benchmarks for the entire industry.

Producing high quality effluent thanks to its technology-driven approach to wastewater management, Tanqia helps preserve the emirate’s valuable water resources. The effluent is used for the irrigation of golf courses and public parks and by a number of industries such as construction and mining amongst others.

The CFI.co judging panel notes that Tanqia helps protect the environment by treating wastewater that was previously disposed of in marshlands at significant risk to public health. The judging panel is pleased to offer Tanqia the 2017 Best Wastewater Utility Management Team Middle East Award.

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