SEDCO Holding: Best Sharia-Compliant Group Corporate Governance GCC 2016

Of modest origin and carefully nurtured to become one of Saudi Arabia’s leading wealth management company, SEDCO Holding adheres to time-honoured Sharia principles in the allocation of its clients assets. A family business characterised by its embrace of the highest ethical standards, SEDCO Holding can trace its roots to a trading and contracting company set up in 1976 to pursue diversified long-term investment opportunities both in the kingdom and abroad.

Today, SEDCO Holding has a presence in the most dynamic sectors of the Saudi economy and manages a number of funds that help underwrite major projects and corporations. From its early days, the company has maintained a strict separation between its owners and the highly skilled management team put in place to ensure consistent returns.

SEDCO Holding is praised and recognised for providing leadership in corporate governance, setting an industry-wide benchmark against which others may gauge their performance. Its support for the financial education for young people has blossomed into a vast national programme that is close to reaching two million young Saudis, helping them attain financial independence.

Over the last few years, SEDCO Holding has made a grand move into the buoyant hospitality sector with two hotel openings in Makkah. The judging panel entertains no doubt that SEDCO Holding’s successful twin-pronged approach to investing – fully Sharia-compliant and pursuing excellence in corporate governance – merit recognition. The company is declared winner of the 2016 Best Sharia-Compliant Group Corporate Governance Award GCC.