Petroleum Development Oman (PDO): Outstanding Contribution to Management Excellence Middle East 2017

With a concession area covering almost a third of the sultanate, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is the country’s main producer of oil and natural gas. The company maintains 178 oil fields with around 10,000 active wellheads which account for around 70% of Oman’s total oil production. PDO also produces nearly all of the sultanate’s natural gas.

PDO, majority-owned by the government, works closely with many local companies as well as international partners in the efficient and safe exploration of Oman’s hydrocarbon reserves. The company’s history dates back to 1937 and since then Petroleum Development Oman has worked towards transforming the country into a net exporter of oil and natural gas. It boasts an enviable track record in locating and developing fields in complex geological formations. PDO has been instrumental in boosting Omani oil production towards the million barrels per day mark.

Recognised globally for driving down the cost of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques, adopting lean continuous business improvements and furthering research into the development of sustainable exploitation practices, PDO invests heavily in education and training programmes aimed at developing skillsets and providing opportunities to all levels from school leavers through to PhD graduates. The company is currently working with its partner GlassPoint on constructing the 1GWth (gigawatt thermal heat) Miraah solar facility, slated to start production later this year and the largest of its kind in the world. The plant will produce the steam – 6,000 tonnes per day – needed for thermal EOR at the Amal field in southern Oman.

PDO is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. Management has consistently kept the company streamlined and agile in order to ensure optimum returns from the country’s natural resources. The judging panel commends PDO – a repeat winner – on its corporate performance. The judges are pleased to offer PDO the 2017 Outstanding Contribution to Management Excellence Middle East Award.