Kuwait International Bank: Fastest-Growing Islamic Bank MENA 2016 & Best Sharia-Compliant Bank MENA 2016

Recipient of a dual award, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has a significant impact on the financial services industry of the country. KIB gained wide recognition as a pioneer of Islamic banking, conducting its business, and adjusting all internal operations and processes, in accordance to Sharia Law. With a domestic network of 26 branches, KIB maintains a prominent presence in Kuwait and offers both corporate and individual clients a wealth of products and services ranging from financing transactions and treasury management to property administration and lease-to-own facilities.

KIB has pursued operational excellence and full compliance with Sharia Law since its foundation in 2007. Since then, KIB has accumulated a vast reservoir of experience that is leveraged to maintain a competitive edge and offer clients tailored palettes of services that suit their individual interests. Deposited funds are deployed in investments with proceeds split between depositors and the bank according to mudharabah principles as determined by a specially constituted board of Sharia scholars in charge of oversight.

KIB has proved beyond any doubt that Sharia-compliant banking offers all the services expected of a modern financial services provider and does so with a remarkable agility and flexibility. The CFI.co judging panel commends KIB on its strong performance. The bank is a repeat winner and is now recognised again. Kuwait International bank is declared winner of the 2016 Fastest-Growing Islamic Bank MENA Award and the 2016 Best Sharia-Compliant Bank MENA Award.

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