FFA Private Bank: Best Private Bank Middle East 2017

Consistently adding tangible value to client needs and objectives, Lebanon’s FFA Private Bank adheres to the country’s long-standing tradition of superior banking services pursuing synergies across disciplines whilst offering a veritable wealth of services. The bank, founded in 1994 and with dual headquarters in Beirut and Dubai, is recognised as a trendsetter amongst private banks and a leader in specialised financial services.

FFA Private Bank’s unique business model is centred on combining seven core services into a single platform for wealth creation and preservation. This framework takes into account all interactions between the corporate and private assets of clients. FFA Private Bank serves high-net-worth individuals, family offices, private companies, and financial services providers, amongst others. The bank is focused on establishing long-term relationships in order to truly understand its clients’ needs and objectives.

FFA Private Bank has invested significant resources in the formation of a highly-skilled professional team. Eight out of every ten staff members possess a university degree. In order to assure exceptional long-term performance, FFA Private Bank emphasises compliance and adheres to well-established international best practices. The bank maintains a flexible organisational structure that allows each department to optimise its contribution to the shared effort – delivering strong results for clients.

The CFI.co judging notes that FFA Private Bank is an entrepreneurial bank serving entrepreneurs: a bank that provides concrete best-in-class solutions. The judges are pleased to offer FFA Private Bank the 2017 Best Private Bank Middle East Award.

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