Economena Analytics: Best Data Provider Middle East 2016


Every investor or stakeholder in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) grapples with the same challenge: finding consistently reliable data. A region of buoyant economies and exciting emerging and pioneer markets, MENA’s continued progress depends to a large extent on improving access to analytical data and other research-driven business tools that gauge corporate and macroeconomic performance and plot ways towards increased efficiency.

Beirut-based Economena Analytics is a well-established trailblazer in the provision of business research and analytical tools, plus ancillary services, that cover the entire MENA Region. With a staff of seasoned analysts, the firm produces a vast stream of data collected from hundreds of reliable sources and intelligently compiled for easy digestion. Economena Analytics offers clients a wide range of multilingual turnkey systems that offer both snapshots and in-depth analysis of economies, industry sectors, markets and individual companies. The Lebanese firm is plugged into a vast network of primary data providers which ensures that information is continuously updated. Clients enjoy instant real-time access to hundreds of thousands of indicators which may be combined, sorted, and visualised to detect trends and pinpoint opportunity.

Economena Analytics clients include risk and investment analysts, economists, policymakers, business writers, academic researchers and others who need reliable data to keep abreast of fast-paced developments.

The judging panel understands that solid data underpins both business and governments. The judges recognise the value of the services provided by Economena Analytics and declare the firm winner of the 2016 Best Data Provider Middle East Award.