Concord International Investments Group: Best Asset Manager Egypt 2017

At home in both Egypt and the United States, Concord International Investments Group maintains a strong team of professionals dedicated to finding exceptional opportunities in the fast-paced Egyptian corporate universe. With a seasoned in-house research team doing the legwork in Cairo and an experienced team of fixed income experts in New York, the group consistently manages to outperform its peers, straddling – as it does – both ends of the market.

The firm displays a stalwart dedication to the consistent delivery of premier investment products that meet the requirements of institutional and private investors alike. Concord International Investments Group maintains a thorough and disciplined, yet adaptive, investment process that ensures maximum exposure to upsides whilst minimising risk.

The firm offers a comprehensive mix of investment products, including private equity, mutual funds, and unrestricted portfolios of US fixed income and equities alongside Egyptian securities. In business since 1988 and with a stellar track record, Concord Group is one of the leading fund managers of Egyptian securities and helps individuals, family offices, foundations, and institutions manage their wealth.

The group also offers corporate finance advisory services and has successfully concluded assignments for leading banks and other corporates with a cross border presence.

The judging panel is pleased to note that the company, a previous winner twice over, maintains its elevated performance profile. The judges wish to recognise this achievement and declare Concord International Investments Group winner of the 2017 Best Asset Manager Egypt Award.