Abana Enterprises Group Company: Best Cash Handling Solutions Middle East 2017

With three complementary business units providing a comprehensive array of integrated payment and cash handling solutions, Abana Enterprises Group Company provides the backbone to Saudi Arabia’s financial services and telecom industries, amongst others, supplying innovative high-tech and fully-automated resource management systems. The company, set up in 1977, is recognised for its state-of-the-art products that push the technological envelope.

Abana Enterprises Group maintains a kingdom-wide network of 21 service centres and fields over 700 highly-trained engineers, developers, and support staff to keep systems running smoothly. Partnering with leading tech companies in Europe and North America has allowed Abana to remain at the leading edge of the fast-moving fin-tech world, offering its clients access to world-class solutions. The company is particularly proud of its ability to implement its services with unmatched speed, enabling clients to swiftly respond to new market trends. Abana Enterprises Group comprises three business units covering banking, telecom, and cash management services. Together, Abana’s three-pronged approach offers holistic solutions that meet the demands of banks, telecoms, government entities, retailers, and others.

The CFI.co judging panel agrees that effective payment and cash handling solutions applicable across multiple platforms have become crucial to the success of business. With increased complexity, the demand for specialised services, such as those provided by Abana, has also grown exponentially. The judges commend the company on meeting the challenge and declare Abana Enterprises Group Company winner of the 2017 Best Cash Handling Solutions Middle East Award.