MEEZA: Best IT Security GCC 2016

Within the vast IT universe, few constellations move faster than the security sphere. The dynamics of this area are such that the entire rulebook is rewritten with alarming frequency. The nature and severity of threats is subject to radical change, causing corporates near-constant worry regarding the safety of their corner of cyberspace.

Offering high-end security services to corporates, governments, and non-profits since 2008, MEEZA of Qatar is home to a group of experienced professionals specialised in identifying weaknesses in networks and taking remedial action before disaster strikes. The firm not only designs and deploys customised security solutions, but also regularly publishes academic essays and white papers on present and future cyber-threats.

At the forefront of the fight against hackers and other IT outcasts, MEEZA offers data centre services – ISO 27001 certified M-Vaults – that incorporate state-of-the-art security systems in order to ensure both data integrity and availability.

As Qatar’s buoyant economy and optimum regulatory framework attracts a growing number of businesses, the demand for IT security services is expected to increase significantly. MEEZA is ready to meet this demand with a wide array of IT products ranging from fully-featured cloud services to advanced network solutions. MEEZA also offers business continuity and disaster recovery services.

The judging panel notes that MEEZA has established an exceptionally solid track record by deploying innovative solutions that keep the firm well ahead of the pack. The judges are happy to grant MEEZA the 2016 Best IT Security GCC Award.