Image Nation Abu Dhabi: Outstanding Contribution to Regional Media UAE 2016

CEO: Michael Garin

CEO: Michael Garin

A hub of visual media, Image Nation Abu Dhabi has managed to create an industry from scratch – almost singlehandedly. The firm offers talented local media producers opportunities to shine on both the big screen and the small one. Amongst others, Image Nation Abu Dhabi maintains Arab Film Studio where aspiring filmmakers find the tools, guidance and expertise to tell their stories.

Arab Film Studio stands squarely at the centre of Abu Dhabi’s increasingly prominent role as a driver – if not powerhouse – of the regional film industry. The studio produces not just box office blockbusters, but also much-lauded documentaries and short movies. Additionally, the studio offers a range of internships to aspiring filmmakers, scriptwriters and documentarists who may hone their skills in a professional yet relaxed environment.

Image Nation Abu Dhabi has now become one of the premier media companies in the Arabic-speaking world. Last year, the company became a Pan-Arabic broadcaster with the launch of its Quest Arabiya channel. The company is not merely in the business of producing premier media content, but squarely aims to develop the regional mediascape by helping form a new generation of producers, writers and other professionals.

The judging panel is very pleased to note that Image Nation Abu Dhabi has formulated – and adheres to – a larger mission than just producing hit shows. Indeed, the judges are happy to offer Image Nation Abu Dhabi the 2016 Outstanding Contribution to Regional Media UAE Award.