Tawuniya: Best Corporate Insurance Solutions Provider KSA 2015

A pioneer of the insurance industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tawuniya was established in 1986 with the express intention of shaping and developing a domestic market for both private and corporate insurance products and services. Breaking new ground, the company has invested heavily in the training of insurance professionals and in creating public awareness of the convenience of enjoying solid protection against risk as an essential component of sound financial planning.

In order to ensure that its products are complaint with Islamic Law, the company maintains a Sharia Committee of distinguished scholars and legal experts to review services and transactions, and help determine the legal cadres of both insurance and investment policies. Additionally, Tawuniya works with an external legal review office to provide its compliance with Sharia Law with an added layer of assurance.

Diligence far above and beyond the usually accepted level has been a hallmark of Tawuniya since its foundation. The company fosters an internal culture based on two pillars: the “soft side” aims to ensure a proactive environment is maintained that not only allows for excellence in customer relations, but also facilitates teamwork, personal development, and empowerment. The complementary “hard side” of Tawuniya’s corporate identity ensures strict adherence to the highest standards of corporate government, transparency, accountability, and service, amongst others.

The CFI.co judging panel wishes to commend Tawuniya on the quality of both the company’s products and services. Not only does Tawuniya boast a vast range of insurance products – each carefully tailored to a specific market or requirement – the company also consistently ensures their optimal quality. The integrity of both intent and delivery is peerless. The judges are therefore pleased indeed to bestow the 2015 Best Corporate Insurance Solutions Provider KSA Award on Tawuniya.