Oman UAE Exchange: Best Foreign Currency Services Oman 2015


Connecting Oman to the world’s currencies, Oman UAE Exchange is the only Exchange Company in Oman to have SWIFT connectivity that offers individuals and corporates a fast and secure way of transferring funds to the Bank accounts across the globe. As an added service to facilitate transfers, Oman UAE Exchange also maintains its own network of over 75 correspondent banks – operating globally as well.

Securely plugged into the financial world, Oman UAE Exchange also offers its customers the convenience of instantaneous money transfers via the 3 largest Money Transfer companies in the world – Western Union Money Transfer, MoneyGram and Xpress Money to over 1 million locations around the globe.

Domestically, Oman UAE Exchange maintains a network of over 50 outlets throughout the Sultanate of Oman that ensures close proximity with the clients. Operating as a people-to-people (P2P) enterprise, Oman UAE Exchange has developed a wide range of products, all carefully tailored to match the needs of its customers. The firm – a self-described supermarket of financial services “without the trolleys” – is dedicated to consistently providing superior quality in both the delivery and ease-of-use products.

Continuously topping up on the latest technology allows Oman UAE Exchange to stay way ahead of its competition. However, the company is mindful of not losing its human touch which allows it to offer bespoke solutions to customers.

The judging panel took note of Oman UAE Exchange’s tag line: Service is our Currency. The judges feel that the company indeed lives up to its slogan and thus fully merits the Best Foreign Currency Services Oman 2015 Award.

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