Morgan Stanley: Best Institutional Broker UAE

Sammy Kayello, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley (MENA) receives an award from

Sammy Kayello, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley (MENA) receives an award from

When the going gets tough, the likes of Morgan Stanley get, well, going. In a market besieged by a lack of liquidity as multiple IPOs sucked money out of the primary market, the UAE now seems poised for a post-Q1 2015 return to much-improved liquidity as dividends are distributed and the investors’ scare of cheap oil wears off.

Till then, investors may find succour – and consistently solid returns – with Morgan Stanley, the conduit of choice for those seeking to unlock the riches offered by buoyant markets in the US and elsewhere.

With untold billions idling on the side lines, the UAE remains an exciting place for a brokerage to be. Present in the Emirates since the 1970s, and with a regional office since 2006, Morgan Stanley offers local investors unparalleled access and exposure to global markets. By its omnipresence, Morgan Stanley manages to direct institutional investors to the greenest pastures – wherever they happen to sprout.

Morgan Stanley has again received from readers and visitors a significant number of nominations for the Best Institutional Broker UAE Award. The Judging Panel agrees that the company has amply demonstrated its class by deftly sidestepping hazardous markets and leading its clients to safe – and lucrative – havens. The judges are therefore not the least hesitant to declare Morgan Stanley winner – for a second consecutive year – of its Best Institutional Broker UAE Award.

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