Padico Our 2014 Award Winner for Twenty Years of Support to Palestine


The Judging Panel confirms Padico Holding as winner of the 2014 award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Palestine’ and congratulates this organisation on its determined efforts and many successful achievements in support of the Palestinian economy over the past twenty years.

Padico was established by members of the Palestinian diaspora in Europe and the Gulf with the mandate to invest only in Palestine. Padico, a limited public shareholding company helped establish the Palestine Stock Exchange and created the first power station in Gazza. Our winner concentrates on large infrastructure work and has invested in telecommunications, real estate, power and desalination projects among other significant activities. The panel congratulates Padico noting that, ‘Not only has our winner done much excellent work in support of Palestine but has also shown outstanding stewardship of funds with good dividend pay-outs in recent years and an excellent rate of return on investment since its establishment. Indeed this is a major success story.’