Amaar is the CFI Real Estate Developer Award Winner in Palestine

Amaar Group

Few countries have to face Palestine’s challenges on the road to sustainable economic growth. After years of enforced stagnation, the economy is now providing the foundations for a better future.

The Amaar Group is playing a key role in laying down these foundations. Demands on the real estate sector to deliver effective solutions to support growth and respond to housing needs have long required developers to make careful and difficult decisions. Amaar has been getting these decisions right – from creating a diverse and well distributed land-bank to ensuring a well-balanced split of activities between commercial, tourist and residential property development.

These achievements combined with very high levels of corporate governance (which are helping to attract further investment) have resulted in an operation that is developing projects to enhance the social fabric and support the economy of Palestine. But additionally these efforts are helping shift the balance in Palestine between financial aid and investment opportunity.

Accordingly, the CFI judging panel is delighted to declare Amaar Group ‘Best Real Estate Developer, Palestine, 2013’. The Group stands out as an example to others in the region and also the world at large – showing how intelligent and thoughtful real estate developers can truly work to the benefit all stakeholders.