eFactor Network: Best Digital Supply Chain Finance Platform LATAM 2023

eFactor Network

Business hardly needs to be reminded of the problems that can result from supply chain delays and working capital problems. The CFI judging panel applauds Mexico’s eFactor platform which can significantly improve information sharing and transparency as regards payment and invoicing flows. eFactor helps supply chains to become more efficient and cash flow concerns to ease. Its roster of 35 domestic and international funders (as well as its own solution eFactor Diez) can get things looking brighter for clients. And fast. Set up in 2009, thousands of companies (many of the largest) are now making use of eFactor services and are glad to be doing so. Aside from superb customer focus at eFactor, the secret sauce is inspired use of cutting-edge technology. The panel terms eFactor as a leader in unlocking cash flow, noting that the company provides clients with access to multiple currencies and countries. Cash can be accessed as quickly as within 24 hours. eFactor has made $5bn available to grateful businesses over the past decade. eFactor, an industry leader in Mexico, looks for long term client relationships. The panels comments that, “this company, with its exceptionally well-thought-out platform, forward-thinking approach, and dedicated professional team, is likely to be very successful in retaining business.” The judges consider eFactor an exemplary provider of factoring, trade finance, and supply chain finance, and the worthy winner of our 2023 award Best Digital Supply Chain Finance Platform (LATAM).