Infinity Asset Management: Best Fixed Income Fund Manager Brazil 2022

Infinity Asset Management

Infinity Asset Management began as a brokerage service provider 25 years ago in São Paulo, Brazil, and switched to fund management and custom investment solutions in 1999, recruited experienced finance professionals and developed their talents through training programs. Since then, the company have won several awards, with a focus on the fixed income strategy, vehicle for risk-adverse investors looking for steady, reliable returns. It takes a partnership approach to the management of human capital- from staff to clients. Investment committees, monthly newsletters, weekly economic reports drive our investment process, with periodic media updates, and a tireless pursuit to decipher the challenges of the World today – using cutting edge research to validate and execute our investment principles. Infinity manages fixed income, equity, and hedge funds. ESG criteria is becoming the core of our business: now, we are in the process of launching our first ESG fund, working with a focus on land that generates carbon credits, reforestation, projects for the production of clean energy and water recovery and treatment. Despite recent market instability, the results speak for themselves: our two-year return from three of our fixed income funds. Infinity also took advantage of this period to bring in new professionals to compose a high-performance cross-functional team. Infinity takes a 360-degree view of macro and microeconomic trends to balance diversification across investment funds. The team keeps in close contact with clients and collaborates to preserve and grow their wealth. We design credit solutions to meet companies’ financing needs and invest in real estate and participation funds, which deal with shares, debentures, subscription bonuses and other bonds and securities. It combines products and services to create custom equity structures for organizational and fiscal optimization, succession planning, governance, and asset security, among others. The judging panel announces Infinity Asset Management as the 2022 award winner for Best Fixed Income Fund Manager (Brazil).