PPS Portfolio Performance: Best Investment Services for Pension Funds Brazil 2021


PPS Portfolio Performance boasts nearly three decades of experience in the application of methodologies of portfolio evaluation in Brazil as well as other sophisticated tools for the development of asset liability management, life-cycle projects and the likes. PPS has developed a robust database on Brazilian portfolio managers through profound analysis and investigations based on the work of its due-diligence team. The firm tailors services to client needs and is committed to managing returns to meet actuarial goals. As interest rates have dropped in Brazil, the need for sophisticated investment instruments has become even more important. PPS Portfolio Performance board members and executive managers must adapt to rapidly changing regulations and capital markets, and the firm’s leadership is responsible for arming them with the educational resources to meet those challenges. CEO Everaldo Guedes de Azevedo França and Rafael Sampaio, a senior investment consultant and partner at PPS Portfolio Performance, have trained more than 500 people in such subjects as investments policies, portfolio construction, risk management, compliance, conflicts of interests and asset liability management. The two executives have been frequent speakers at both domestic and international events. PPS Portfolio Performance is a pension-fund pioneer in the Brazilian market. It advocates for international diversification of portfolios and, over the past year, has seen a 15 percent increase in revenues. The CFI.co judging panel has followed the company for several years and is pleased to note its continued progress: PPS Portfolio Performance, a repeat programme winner, takes the 2021 award for Best Investment Services for Pension Funds (Brazil).

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