Crowe Colombia: Best Audit & Tax Services Colombia 2021


Crowe Colombia has developed a code of conduct and organisational structure that prioritises collaboration for the common good of clients, staff and country. The firm has solidified its position in the Colombian market over the past 25 years by making daily improvements and always striving for excellence. The firm works with clients from a broad spectrum of industries, assisting with audit and assurance, taxes and legal advice, consulting, accounting outsourcing, global corporate finance and digital transformation strategies. A nationwide network — with offices in Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali, Manizales and Medellin — allows Crowe Colombia to give clients personalised attention and approach each project with flexible versatility. The firm goes beyond standard tax preparation to help businesses minimise exposure and risks, while also building trust with stakeholders through transparent financial reporting. It pairs clients with industry experts and uses innovative technology to deliver meaningful insights. Crowe Colombia publishes case studies to educate clients on economic opportunities and challenges. It hosts regular webinars to engage with clients on specific subjects, like non-financial asset valuation, process optimisation, dividend taxes — and the inevitability of change. The pandemic has pushed many industries to step up their digital game while spurring global demand for sustainable accountability. Crowe Colombia has offered support and incentives for hard-hit clients, particularly in the tourism and transport sectors. But now, as the economy slowly rebounds, those clients are expressing their gratitude and trust with enduring fidelity. The judging panel presents Crowe Colombia with the 2021 Best Audit & Tax Services (Colombia) award.