Corporación Zona Franca Santiago: Best ESG Industrial Free Zone LatAm & Caribbean 2021

Corporación Zona Franca Industrial de Santiago

Santiago Free Zone Corporation (CZFS) has earned a reputation for innovation and socio-economic development across Latin America and the Caribbean. CZFS has been a catalyst for growth over the past 47 years, generating jobs and upskilling employees. It operates the Victor Espaillat Mera Industrial Park (PIVEM), a corporate campus complete with a high-capacity wastewater treatment plant, rooftop solar panels and fibre-optic telecommunications. The complex is on a massive plot which features an urban park with forested trails and recreational areas. These green spaces contribute to the wellbeing of the workforce and community. CZFS protects this natural resource with the proactive reforestation of thousands of square kilometres each year. CZFS has adopted a comprehensive CSR structure that centres on the environment, education, entrepreneurship and health. Technical training and educational programmes ensure a pipeline of skilled labour. Preventative health services and outpatient care are available onsite, and a range of other specialities will be added this year. La Aurora Co-operative is the financial and social support axis of PIVEM’s workforce, facilitating savings and investment products. Other support includes a fire substation for PIVEM companies and the surrounding community, CEGESTA talent management, and CAPEX business promotion and professional development. The judging panel recognises a repeat programme winner — Corporación Zona Franca Santiago — with the 2021 award for Best ESG Industrial Free Zone (LatAm & Caribbean).

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